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Your Hybrid Evangelist Awaits The Call

feature photo

It’s late February, 2009 and we are nearing tip-off of what may prove to be the most competitive head to head to head hybrid race yet. Scheduled to make their debut in dealer showrooms this Spring are the 2010 hybrid Ford Fusion (and twin hybrid Mercury Milan), the 2010 Honda Insight, and the 3rd generation 2010 Toyota Prius. It is officially, game on.

Each of these hybrids has a secret weapon. The Fusion has garnered nothing but praise from those who have managed to sneek behind its wheel, even earning the title of best gas-electric hybrid yet from one USA Today writer. The Insight is expected to be the least expensive new hybrid you will soon be able to buy, possibly starting at less than $20k. And the mere fact that the Prius is getting its first major overhaul since 2004 might be all it will take for Toyota to continue their green dominance…or will it?

Green Car Makers: Your Hybrid Evangelist Awaits Your Call 

The winner of this year’s hybrid race will be the car that generates the most buzz on the Internet. Don’t believe me? Just review President Obama’s keys to victory. Every one of these hybrid vehicles has the potential to be the best selling hybrid during 2009, and I think these represent the entire short list.

And that is why, in the cold of another Winter’s day in Iowa, I sit before my computer screen to announce my candidacy for hybrid evangelist of the World Wide Web.

Ford. Toyota. Honda. Are you listening?

This is your opportunity to share with the people of the world everything they want to know about your new hybrid.

This is your chance to let an “Average Joe” call it exactly as he sees it. Professional reviews and test drives are great, but people buy cars based on what they hear from friends, family, neighbors, and current owners.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m no car expert - I simply play one online. While my full time gig is running a Internet marketing firm, my passion is researching and telling people about green technology. As the editor for several hybrid and electric vehicle blogs (aka the Hybrid Kingdom) we have the privilege of communicating with thousands of visitors each day.

We know a thing or two about getting the word out via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, MySpace, Youtube, and lots of other social media and social networking sites. We also know how to work with search engines (try a Google search for 2009 Prius, Honda green cars, hybrid Camry review, 2010 hybrid Fusion or Milan, hybrid SUV, hybrid truck, mpg comparison, or thousands of other hybrid phrases).

Ford already sees the value of generating online buzz (just ask Connie Fontaine or Jim Farley from Ford’s marketing team). They are currently taking applications to find 100 Internet-savvy consumers to test drive and review their upcoming Ford Fiesta.

I am ready for a long-term review of a new hybrid car. I’d love to increase awareness for the green Fusion, the Prius, the Insight, or another hybrid vehicle. In fact, we’d love to test drive and report on all of them! Just drop us a line at info @ hybridkingdom.com and let the online marketing begin. Who’s going to step up to the plate here? And to our readers…is anyone else willing to generate some buzz about hybrids? If so, just add a comment below and state your case.

By Jeff Carey

There Are 3 Responses So Far. »

  1. Mr. Hybrid Evangelist - I’m amazed by your diligence, tenacity and unending drive for providing relevant information on what is one of the automotive industries leading trends.

  2. Ford is listening. Let me know if you haven’t heard from anyone on our team yet.

    Scott Monty
    Global Digital Communications
    Ford Motor Company
    @ScottMonty on Twitter

  3. […] hook me up on a long term test drive of the 2010 Ford Fusion (see my post on average Joe consumer hybrid reviews), although test driving the 2011 Fusion may be a more realistic goal at this […]

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