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The All-New 2009 Toyota Prius, in 2010?

2010 Prius In 2009If you’re doing some research on hybrid vehicles and specifically trying to learn everything you can about the Toyota Prius, this should be a great place to start.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing a series of posts about the most popular hybrid car in the relatively short history of hybrid automobiles.  Rather than start with the first and oldest Prius model and work our way forward, we’ll begin with a preview of the upcoming 2010 version and finish by going back in time.  (jump right to the 2010 Toyota Prius information)

Rumors about what we supposedly know so far.

For starters, the next generation Toyota Prius will get a much needed increase in engine size, moving from the 1.5 liter engine we’ve seen from 2004-2009 to a 1.8 liter powerhouse.

Locate the Car You Want at the Price You Want

In addition, the Prius will be an inch wider and and inch shorter in length.  Statements have been made by Toyota that the next generation Prius might include some form of plug-in hybrid option (aka PHEV), and a lithium-ion battery.  Lithium batteries are said to be more powerful and lighter than the nickel ones in past model year Prius.

Not much…yet.

Probably the best available information on how the 2009 or 2010 Toyota Prius will differ from what we’ve seen during the last 5 years comes from a test drive and article in Popular Mechanics (October, 2007).  To summarize, the prototype mentioned in this article still had a 1.5L engine, along with two (2) nickel-metal hydride (NiMh) batteries - the same ones the current version uses.  The driver was able to reach speeds of about 50 mph using only the batteries, and estimates were that this prototype would be able to travel 3-4 miles without ever engaging the gas engine.

Does anyone have a clue?

According to Motortrend, the next generation Prius will feature a sophisticated three-link independent rear suspension, exceptional rigidity due to extensive use of high-strength steel, and high crash-safety scores.  They also had another article that included an artist’s rendition of what the Gen 3 Prius might look like.  It’s a lot better than anything I could draw, but I sure hope the new model looks more edgy than this little green machine.

Three Toyota Prius’ are better than one.

Lastly, I ran across a post on Motor Authority (here) citing another article (unreferenced) in Automobile Magazine that mentioned Toyota’s plans to release three new hybrid vehicles labeled the Prius A, B, and C, with the new models due in 2009, 2010, and 2011 respectively.  So…there you have it.  After reading and scanning nearly a hundred pages of pure speculation about the secret Prius, I really don’t feel like we know anything yet.  When that changes, we’ll get you the good stuff.  At that point we will add a 2008 vs 2009 Prius article with a side-by-side comparison of cost, miles per gallon, specs, details, and all the info.

UPDATE (04/28/2008): 2009 Toyota Prius availability.  According to Edmunds’ AutoObserver, the 2009 model year Prius is scheduled to debut at the January, 2009 Detroit Auto Show.  As we reported earlier, the all new Toyota Prius will be 3-4 inches longer, an inch wider, a bit heavier, and more powerful than the current model.  Even better news is that next year’s model should also be more fuel efficient and could exceed 50 mpg.  The ‘09 Prius won’t be a plug-in version just yet, although that is still in the works.  So, what’s your guess as to the MSRP of this highly anticipated, next generation Prius?  And, assuming this vehicle debuts in January, will this actually be a 2010 Prius?

Update #2 (05/07/2008):  Road and Track snagged some spy photos / pictures of the 2009 / 2010 Toyota Prius, and mentioned that the price may actually be a little less than the current 2008 Prius.  They expect the Prius Base Model to start at about $21,000, with a Prius Luxury Model and Prius Eco Model also on the way (no pricing guesstimates on those yet).

Update #3 (07/07/2008):  According to a report in Japan’s Nikkei business daily (subscription required), the top-of-the-line next generation 2009 model Prius will include solar panels built into the vehicle’s roof.  The power generated by the panels would be used to help power the air conditioner. If this actually is true, Toyota would be the first big auto manufacturer to incorporate solar power in a mass produced car.  The same newspaper article stated that Toyota plans to build 450,000 Prius in ‘09 - a 60% increase from 2007 numbers. As is often the case with these reports, the source was unidentified and no spokesperson from Toyota confirmed or denied the information.

Update #4 (07/10/2008):  The Associated Press is reporting today that Toyota plans to build the new hybrid Prius in Blue Springs, Mississippi beginning late 2010. This would be the first time the Prius would be built outside of China and Japan. In related news, Toyota will soon be producing the hybrid Highlander at their Princeton, Indiana plant.

Update #5 (07/18/2008):  The Prius forums are buzzing this week with posts that a few Toyota dealers have indicated the 2009 Prius will not include the next generation changes, and that with the exception of some minor changes, the ‘09 model will be the same as the 2008 Prius. Some apparently heard that the updates we’ve been hearing about will be delayed until the 2010 Prius or possibly even the 2011 Prius. Not a word from Toyota yet, and with all the people now on waiting lists, expecting the 2009 model to include several changes, the rumors are really starting to fly. Stay tuned!

Update #6 (07/25/2008): Toyota announced new manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP) for several 2009 vehicles today, including the gas-electric Prius. Expect to pay about $500 more than last year, with the base model starting at $22,000 and the touring version at $24, 270.

Update #7 (10/25/08): From Jon F. Thompson, Editor of the Toyota blog Open Road. “Many of you will have seen by now photographs on sites like PriusChat, Jalopnik and AutoblogGreen of a vehicle said to be the new Prius. We thought we’d take a moment to confirm that the car shown in these unauthorized photos – at least the ones we’ve seen so far - is indeed the new Prius. Sorry, we’re not able to provide details. Those will be forthcoming when the car is formally introduced at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January. What we can tell you, however, is this: This new Prius will retain all of the virtues of the model that precedes it. It’s about the same size as its forebear, but with more interior room and better fuel economy.”

Update #8 (12/29/08): A teaser video of the next generation 2010 Toyota Prius is now available, just a couple of weeks prior to its planned debut at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. If you watch closely, you will also see the Blue Man Group.


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Can’t wait for the ‘09 Prius?  Learn about the 2004-2008 Prius versions you can buy right now!

06/17/09: We liked the 2010 Toyota Prius so much, we bought one. Follow our coverage at Prius3.com.

Will Honda’s next “Green” car beat the 2009 Prius to market?

By Jeff Carey

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  4. […] Get Ready For The All-New 2009 Toyota Prius […]

  5. […] Get Ready For The All-New 2009 Toyota Prius […]

  6. […] future of hybrid cars has endless possibilities. One trend would be to create a car that ran on electric batteries […]

  7. […] While there are many factors to consider when buying your next vehicle, in the midst of soaring gas prices, none might be as important as “miles per gallon”, better known as MPG. And if you’re considering the purchase of a new or used sport utility vehicle, you’ve likely discovered that some SUVs get very poor gas mileage while others do as well or better than many cars. (Obviously, none will beat the 2009 Prius.) […]

  8. I read somewhere that Toyota might build a hybrid minivan based on the 2009 Pruis. Does anyone know if this is just a rumor or if it’s being kept a secret?

  9. […] and specifically trying to learn everything you can about the Toyota Prius, this should be …http://hybrid-cars.org/prius/upcoming-2009-priusRoad &ampamp Track Magazine - Exposed: 2009 Toyota Prius 5/2008First spy shots and exclusive info […]

  10. […] sticker price similar to last year at $26,000.  Already, thousands of people are searching for the totally redesigned 2009 Prius as well.  The Toyota Prius will be on my short list, as my 2007 hybrid journey […]

  11. The only reason Toyota is using lithium ion batteries in their plug in Prius is because Chevron owns the patents for NiMH plug in Electric Vehicles. Chevron/Texaco purchased them from GM. Lithium ion batteries overheat and catch fire. Toyota produced an excellent plug in years ago with their Rav4 EV. They were sued by Chevron to cease production. EV1.org

  12. […] sell my Insight for what I paid for it 2.5 years and 30k miles ago.  The best option may be the 2009 Prius which will get powertrain upgrades and a slight cosmetic overhaul.  Both the gas and electric […]

  13. Can someone please explain the difference between “new” and “all-new”? The first generation Prius may have been all-new, but the 2009 version is certainly not.

  14. It has also been confirmed by a unnamed source the the 09 Prius will have solar panels to run the air conditioner and heater.

  15. So, if the solar panel will power the A/C, that means I can program it to turn on the A/C a few minutes before I leave the office, right? And if that’s not a feature, they will leave the system open enough that so enthusiasts can modify their software, right?

    One can dream…

  16. In a recent converstation with a Toyaota dealer inventory manager he said that the 2009 Prius will not be the new Prius. In fact they have the 09 Brochure and it is identical to the 08. No new battery, not larger, not more efficient, He said that the redisign would be out 2010. Does anyone have better info?? Thanks Bob

  17. Dealer is telling the truth, My dealer said I can pick up my 2009 gen-2 in 2 weeks. same-o same-o
    no problem.

  18. Can the dealers try to sale their stock before the new prius that already sold?

  19. I am ready to buy a 2009 Prius. Are they available for sale? If there is a waiting list…what dealership and in what state would one likely be on the shortest list? Can one preorder one and pay for it in full?

  20. It is a smart way to say 2009 is the same as the 2008 model with minor changes, so they can still sell the 2008 model until it is gone….
    Don’t be fool!

  21. Dealers have a waiting list. I paid 500.00 dollars to get on the list. Next week the 2009’s are here. My 500.00 will go to the down payment.

    My dealer said that the 2008’s are all but gone, except, used. I am to pay MSRP as listed on Toyota Web site.

    I went to largest Toyota dealer, bigger dealer, bigger car allotment. Anyway give details on your new Prius, color, so on. But remember that the dealer gets whatever Toyota sends. The dealer matches your requirements to what comes in. If your requirements are loose, you will get a car quicker.

    The dealer knows in advance amount of cars and options. The dealer can not order specific cars from Toyota, they can trade dealer to dealer.

    Go to Ford, order a car, they give website, you can see exactly where your car is in manufacturing, cool, but not Toyota…


    Gas prices are going down. The demand of the prius as well as the price, will follow. It has in the past. Look at it like this. Gas falls to under a dollar a gallon (yeah right) the line for Hybrid, gone, Price reduced. What may happen if the gas prices keep falling, shorter lines, reduced price.

    Oil bubble is going to pop they say. Demand down, price over valued. My oil stock down 12%.

    Good Hunting

  22. They have the technology to make cars run of off water. They can’t release something like that because then water prices would inflate and all the gas stations would go out of business and then the government wouldn’t get there cut on the taxes. It would be too harmful to the pockets of America. It’s going to be a slow change.

  23. I’m guessing a MSRP of $22,400, or something like that. I did hear about the roof solar panels, and think it’s a brilliant idea!

  24. Toyota announcement, 22,000.00 500 dollar increase.

  25. Toyota, Prius touring car. solar for A.C. is the story going around.

  26. […] And with the most popular hybrid car (Prius) undergoing a major overhaul for next year (2009 Prius changes), including a different battery than the 2008 model, we can only hope that Toyota is planning to […]

  27. 2009 Prius is here. Mine came in Wednesday, Naperville, Illinois. Will pick it up Saturday morning, Anyone else get theirs yet? CANT WAIT.
    Want to see what all new is.

  28. I was told by my Toyota dealership that the 2009 Prius is going to be the same as the 2008 model. Will there be any updates?

  29. Ooops. Scratch that. I saw the comments above!

  30. I put a deposit on the 2009 Prius in May, based on all of the info on the web. I could have taken delivery of a 2008 months ago. All of the infoon the web is BS. The 2009 Prius brochure I was provided today has the car totally unchanged for 2009. Same 1.5 motor, same body, same battery - SOS. I am very disappointed that magazines like Popular Science, Car and Driver and Road and Track can get it SO WRONG.

  31. What apparently is being shown at the January 2009 Detroit auto show and touted as the “all new, improved, and redesigned” 2009 Prius is not that at all. Toyota doesn’t want to say it, but it is the 2010 model. Andyou can’t get it until later next year.

    I put down $500 for a “2009″ in July at the largest Toyota dealer in the DC area. The 2009 brochure I got hows a car that, except for almost imperceptible tweaks, is exactly like the 2008, right down to the colors. Same engine size, same dimensions, same EPA mileage. If you want to wait for the radically redesigned and larger engined (and maybe plug in)2009/2010, it will likely be next fall.

  32. after reading all the posts iam still confused as to the 2009 prius. on aug 7th, 08 mr. Jim Burrows of naperville, ill. mentioned that his 09 prius was in and what is new for the 09 prius he did not say. would mr. burrows be kind enough to post the changes for i recently placed an order for an 09 prius here in richmond ,virginia. thx Jim

  33. I was just told my RED Prius will be in the middle of SEPT and it is a 2009 How about that?

  34. In response to Jim Burrows Aug 7, 2008…..
    Please don’t use forums like this one to spread rumors and mislead people.

    Comment by jim burrows on 7 August 2008:
    2009 Prius is here. Mine came in Wednesday, Naperville, Illinois. Will pick it up Saturday morning, Anyone else get theirs yet? CANT WAIT.
    Want to see what all new is.

  35. Feh! Same car, yet $500 more expensive and no tax rebate! Shouldn’t Toyota be LOWERING the hybrid price over the years or developing cheaper models like Honda is planning? Eh, unless something terrible happens with my car I’ll try to just hold out to 2010 for either the plug-in Prius, the new Honda low-cost hybrid, or the FIAT 500. It’s driving me nuts — all the cool new cars all seem to be coming out in 2010, the Volt, etc… What an awful dry spell we have been having.

  36. Hi went in to dealers to pick up 2009 prius. (Aug-8th) Was presented an 08. I was upset. Dealer said he made a mistake. Dealer gave me information that 2009 is Exactly as 2008. This information came from Toyota. I called several Toyota dealers, they gave me same story, Toyota calls it a Carry Over, No changes at all, none. Well except price. 2009 is 500 dollars more. Anyway, there you go. Sorry for all the confusion.

  37. […] This site summarizes all of the rumors about the changes for the 2009 Prius. It would be really, really sad if the major Prius changes were delayed for a year or more because we were hoping to get the next-gen Prius! I really liked the report about the 2009 Prius having solar panels in its roof…too bad that the next-gen Prius might be delayed: http://hybrid-cars.org/prius/upcoming-2009-prius […]

  38. […] Crowning jewel….2009 Prius […]

  39. I was looking forward to redesigned more efficient prius….now that I know they are full of bs, I will go with new honda hybrid only model, after knowing a lot of people who are very satisfied with honda fit; btw: europe already has hybrid fit…..thanks, bush….and neocons embedded with big oil….

  40. I don’t want to give my name because I signed a confidentiality agreement. I took part of in a focus group that previewed the 2009 Prius. It looked much different than the old one. It’s less boxier in the back. The severe lines were rounded, it’s very spacious inside, and has lots of bells and whistles. As I recall, the new Prius could have passed for the Matrix. They showed us loaded model which was priced at almost $30,000! Perhaps, they are delaying the release because so many of us were still on not completely sold on it.

  41. When was this preview?

    Go To www.toyota.com and see the 2009.
    it is exactly the same as 2008.
    They just updated their web site.

    In 2009 will be early release of 2010, I guess that may be the car?

    Please give it a look. Let me know what you think.

    Have a good week.

  42. At the dealership today where they saw their first 2009’s yesterday. Same as last year for all they can tell.

  43. I purchased a 2008 Prius in May 2008. I am in love with it. Traded in a 2003 Toyota Avalon, 15MPG, City, 21MPG Highway, Gasoline $4.75 Gal. Best I can do is 46MPG Highway, 37MPG City with the Prius.
    These are figures for using California’s crappy Gasoline. These Enviromentalists have us right by the Balls.
    My only gripe is the difficulty in programing the 2008 Navigational System. The Owners Manual
    is the most unfriendly piece of crap I have ever seen.
    After 5 months of effort I still haven’t registered my home address. I still like my 2008 Prius anyway.

  44. California’s gas is not to blame for your poor gas mileage. You cannot drive the Prius like any other car. I drive 85% highway, and yet the lowest mpg I have averaged per full tank is 52mpg. I usually get between 54-58mpg.

    Do some research and learn how to drive the Prius. I know I could reach 60mpg if I would only slow down. :)

  45. I got my 2009, touring today, 500 dollars over invoice, I love it

  46. I have driven my 2004 Prius across country 5 times. Best touring car ever.If the new one is better wow

  47. I have a deposit down on a 2009 Prius. When is the newer version slated to begin shipping? I may decide to wait to buy until the new version is released, although new models tend to be pretty crappy for the first few years of production.

  48. Can anyone tell me if the Prius has high safety ratings for young children in the rear seats (in car seats)? Not sure four-star (out of 5) is good enough…

    also, how does it handle in a significant snowfall?


  49. I have a 2006 prius i love it. I reset the reset button on the bottom right of the center screen once a year. From april 2006-2007 i got 49.7 miles per gallon.I spent 607.00 dollars on gas and drove 12,000 miles. Reset and run again april 2007-2008 i got 50.4 miles per gallon spent 710.00 dollars and drove 12,000 miles. Reset and run again thus far i’m averaging 52.7 miles per gallon i’ve gone about 9,000 miles and spent about 600.00 dollars. Not bad you think. see you in apirl 2009. happy driving prius owners.

  50. […] of the ever-popular Toyota Prius were down 48% in November 2008, compared with a much smaller drop for Honda’s sub-compact, the […]

  51. […] much speculation, the 2010 Toyota Prius will debut at the North American Auto Show in Detroit next month. Rumors of exciting new features […]

  52. […] vehicle (EV) as quickly as possible. Even with the much anticipated debut of hybrid cars like the next generation 2010 Toyota Prius and the reborn 2010 Honda Insight, hybrids were overshadowed by plug-in electric hybrids, and PHEVs […]

  53. I ordered a 2009 Prius last August. It was due in February, but another order was refused so I was offered a Prius early this month. I took it and I am very pleased. I previously owned a 2002 Prius that I loved except it ate front tire. The front end would not stay aligned after about 4 years.
    The 2009 Prius is a much more stable car. It has a better road feel and stability in the wind. The model I got has all the bells and whistles, so it ran about $30K. It is bigger in both width and length than my 2002 was. A bit roomier. I am a software engineer and it still took me over a week to figure out all the controls on the panel. I have used the GPS only once and it got the directions wrong twice. Luckily I knew pretty much where I was going so we made it ok. I know that in cold weather, which we have had, the MPG goes down since the engine must run more to keep the car warm. But I am still a little dissapointed at around 40 MPG. Still, I have less than 300 miles on the car so perhaps it will get better.
    Overall I am pleased with the ride, handling, and performance of the car. My wife wouldn’t drive the 2002 because it felt “floaty”, but I believe she will like this one fine.

  54. Picture of the 2009 Prius available on request.

  55. […] Toyota is the first hybrid maker to offer such a program. It is especially prudent to do so in the current economy because more people than ever are looking to save money by buying a quality used car. The TCUH (Toyota Certified Used Hybrid) program might also come in handy as a lot of people dump their late model Prius for the 2010 next generation version. […]

  56. […] this year, a few auto manufacturers are running ads. Toyota will not be promoting their totally redesigned 2010 Prius, but they will reportedly introduce the 2009 Venza crossover. (BTW, I think this would be the […]

  57. […] hybrid Ford Fusion (and twin hybrid Mercury Milan), the 2010 Honda Insight, and the 3rd generation 2010 Toyota Prius. It is officially, game […]

  58. […] into a Toyota Highlander, just barely…but imagine taking this trip in a Hybrid Civic or Toyota Prius!). Point is, if you need a lot of room, and you want to go green, the hybrid Tahoe delivers. […]

  59. […] ever built and sold. Later this year you’ll also be able to get your hands on the redesigned 2010 Prius, which would be a much bigger deal if fuel costs were higher. Prius competes most closely with the […]

  60. […] Toyota took off the gloves, announcing that it would cut the base price of the ‘09 Prius by $1,000, a move most likely made to compete more closely with Honda’s Insight. So, here we […]

  61. Oh my gosh are you serious???? U people would actually buy this piece of crap? This thing is a slug. What happens when ur getting on the highway and need to accelerate fast enough? 134 hp won’t get you anywhere. And really, what retards out there won’t support there own country and buy an AMERICAN car. This means GM, Ford, or Chrysler. No Honda or Toyota crap. Come on, people. We need to help our country and buy stuff that might keep us alive.

  62. […] the hood, the Toyota Camry hybrid utilizes the same power train tech that the popular Toyota Prius hybrids use. The exterior of the car, however, is nearly identical to a standard-fuel Camry. The hybrid […]

  63. Hello my name is Allie i dont know what this if or but I really think that you should have more pictures of preises on this website..
    I love preisses and I really want one?

  64. […] For instance, you can only choose the old style Honda Insight and you can’t compare the 2010 Toyota Prius, Ford Fusion hybrid, Lexus 450h or several […]

  65. […] of the ever-popular Toyota Prius were down 48% in November 2008, compared with a much smaller drop for Honda’s sub-compact, […]

  66. I believe that fuel milage will be best if slightly larger tires were used for the hybrid.

  67. […] to those who say it’s nearly useless. The majority of people commenting on these forums own a second generation Prius (2004-2009 model years) but my guess is the experience is similar in the 2010 Prius […]

  68. […] Their recent press release showed just one “hybrid only vehicle” in the top 10 (the 2009 Prius was #8). In order, the KBB.com top 20 were the Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, Honda […]

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