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Gas Mileage Calculator | Compare Your Car To A Hybrid

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Want to know how your current vehicle stacks up against hybrid cars in terms of gas mileage?  Before you run out to purchase a new green suv or car, it’s best to compare.  To help you with your decision, the following calculator shows you how much money you could save (in terms of fuel costs) by driving a hybrid automobile instead of your current gas guzzler.

The gas mileage comparison tool is simple to use.  Start by entering the number of miles per gallon (MPG) your current car gets.  Then, take a guess at how many miles you drive your vehicle each year.  If you don’t have any idea, 12000 is fairly typical.  Next, enter what you expect to pay on average for a gallon of gas over the next 12 months (for example, 3.85).  Finally, choose a hybrid vehicle from the drop down menu and click the “Calculate My Gas Savings” button.

Hybrid Car Gas Savings Calculator
Estimated MPG For Your Current Vehicle
Average Number Of Miles You Drive Each Year
Anticipated Cost Per Gallon Of Gas
Select a hybrid vehicle to compare yours to:


Note:  It is not necessary to include a comma in your annual miles, or a dollar sign ($) in your cost for a gallon of gas.

Obviously there are many other ways to save gas and reduce your fuel costs without buying a hybrid.  In a recent article from CNN.com, the author outlined several ideas on how to save gas.

Locate the Car You Want at the Price You Want

  • Don’t punch it when the light turns green.  Accelerate slowly to save fuel.
  • Don’t race toward red lights.  Instead, let up on the gas pedal, which also reduces braking.
  • Will driving 55 mph save money on gas?  You bet it will.  Slow down a little to lesson resistance.
  • Stop tailgaiting.  Besides being unsafe, the extra braking and accelerating waste fuel.
  • Reduce periods of zero miles per gallon.  If your car won’t be moving any time soon, turn off the engine.
  • For really short trips, leave the car and either walk or ride a bike.

In addition, there are many non-hybrid cars with good gas mileage - some nearing 40 mpg now.  A few that come to mind are the Honda Civic, Toyota Echo, Scion XA, Ford Focus, Honda Fit, Chevrolet Cruze and the Toyota Corolla.  These high gas mileage cars are often priced thousands below similar hybrid models but do your homework as mileage can be misleading. Sometimes car makers promote highway mileage but fail to mention that driving in the city or combined mileage will be much worse.  Gas mileage isn’t the only major consideration.  You should also calculate your car payment or loan payments to see what you can afford.  At the same time, hybrid vehicles that get top gas mileage will save you even more money in the long run, and many are less harmful to the environment.

Online calculator for gas milage comparisons provided by Hybrid Kingdom.

By Jeff Carey

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  1. […] this one American, because it may be more hype than help.  If you’re trying to decide, the hybrid car vs. gas-only calculator might also be of […]

  2. So. I would save $299 a year in gas savings, with Gas at $4.20.

    But if I have to replace the battery, then I have to spend $3,000 to $6,000?

    Someone want to tell me again why this is a good deal?

  3. I’ve heard the Toyota Hybrids come w/ a 100,000 mi battery guarantee. Ford now offers a 150,000 mi battery guarantee.

  4. […] be updating this chart as the 2009 SUV MPG numbers are made available. Another helpful tool is the hybrid gas mileage comparison calculator where you can see how much gas money you’d save by going […]

  5. […] While some hybrid cars get incredible gas mileage, can they save you enough at the pump to justify the added cost? Put your car (or any vehicle) up against these hybrids to calculate your annual fuel savings. […]

  6. Read the numbers. There is NO WAY any hybrid vehicle is cheaper to buy, own, or maintain than a gas-powered vehicle of similar size. The initial cost is higher, maintenance is higher. If you keep the car long enough you will have to replace the batteries, and maybe the electric motor. The price of gas would have to rise to $20 or 30$ per gallon to make a hybrid vehicle equal to a similarly sized gas-powered vehicle when all costs over time are taken into consideration. Drill baby drill.

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