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Advanced Hypermiling Methods For Fuel Economy

Extreme HypermilingHow to Hypermile (Part Two)

Last week, we introduced you to the idea of hypermiling (see Hypermiling Techniques For Beginners), a way to get the maximum fuel efficiency out of your hybrid or traditional car. Sure, those basic tips probably helped you shave a few MPGs off on your daily commute, but now, it’s time to get serious!

Hypermiling for an Advanced Driver
To build on the tips and tricks we shared last week, here are a few more advanced and extreme techniques for stretching your gas mileage:

  1. Stop the idling. One of the biggest fuel-suckers is leaving your car idling. Whether you are in line at the drive-through, or waiting in the driveway for your passengers – idling is killing your fuel efficiency. The easiest fix? Don’t idle. Run into the bank or McDonald’s and shut your car off while you wait for the kids to get out of school. Plus, the lines inside the bank, pharmacy, or fast-food joint are typically shorter than those in the drive-through, so you aren’t just saving gas, you’re saving money as well. Just one more hint…drive thru coffee shops can be really bad, especially when the person in front of you orders a decaf triple grande sugar free vanilla non fat extra hot no foam latte. ($4 for 128 ounces of gas seems like a steal compared to $4 for a 20 ounce latte, but it’s a tough choice!)

    Locate the Car You Want at the Price You Want

  2. Get drafted. Drafting is intentionally tailgating a larger vehicle, though not recommended because it is so dangerous. Drafting allows you to take advantage of the decreased wind resistance that comes from being behind a large vehicle, like a semi-truck. Putting your car in neutral while doing this, according to the hypermiling fanatics we found in several forums, will really increase fuel efficiency. Even worse, the really crazy hypermilers even turn off their cars in these situations…just to save a few more pennies. I chose life!
  3. Take your time and map it out. By finding routes for your routine drives (i.e. your commute or route to the grocery store), you can increase fuel efficiency. Take note of how many hills or stop lights there are on certain routes and avoid them if possible. Driving a few extra miles at a steady pace, or with a lot of coasting will actually get you better mileage than a shorter drive with more stop-and-go situations. Lots of hypermile experts also chose to drive when traffic is less busy, so start watching for that 3rd shift job opportunity!
  4. The reverse-kill-park. This one sounds really dangerous, but it is just another simple trick. When you pull into a parking spot, kill the engine as soon as you are fully stopped, then put the car in park. This decreases some of the idle time while you shift through the gears. It saves just a small amount each time, but like many other hypermiling practices, the savings really add up over many years. If you drive a stick shift, this one might better be described as kill-low gear-ebrake!

Always be safe and use common sense when applying hypermiling techniques. The writers of this blog are in no way responsible for your hair-brained mistakes; these are tips only. Some are not advised and others are likely illegal.

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  1. […] you a hypermiler? Check us out next week for more advanced tips and techniques on hypermiling (aka hypermileing and hypermilling)! While you’re waiting, you can learn more at the […]

  2. I find that ethanol-added fuel is much less efficient in my prius than the non-ethanol kind. It gets about 10-15% less distance and it costs more.

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