Tesla “Model S” Electrifies Your Ride

Tesla Model S photo | Courtesy of TeslaMotors.comThis past week, Tesla Motor’s CEO Elon Musk introduced the highly anticipated, $56,000 Tesla Model-S all-electric sedan. Leading an evolution that is quickly moving us from traditional gas only vehicles, to current hybrid-electric models, and now toward an potential future of 100% electric cars, Tesla is preparing for the success of their second green car (the first was the $101,000 Roadster). The full press release is here.

While a $56,000 car of any kind is about double the cost of most new cars today, Musk was quick to point out the fact that leasing a Model S would have a similar drain on your checking account to a $35,000 vehicle lease. His reasoning behind the seemingly fuzzy math includes the low cost of electricity compared to $4 per gallon gas, as well as reduced maintenance costs. Plug-in electric cars also qualify for up to a $7,500 federal tax credit, which would help under the right circumstances.

The model S is fast. Expect zero to 60 mph times of 5-6 seconds, with a top speed of 130 miles per hour. It will offer 160, 230, and 300 mile range battery pack options, and the batteries can be fully recharged in 3-5 hours, or 80% recharged in about 45 minutes with something called QuickCharge. A battery charge will add about $4 to your electricity bill. The Model S Tesla provides seating for 5 adults and 2 children, making it a 7 passenger sedan. That is more than most minivans and sport utility vehicles, but we aren’t quite sure where all those people are sitting yet.

Currently, you can sign up to reserve your “S” at teslamotors.com or at showrooms in California. In the future, expect to see new showrooms in Chicago, New York, Seattle, Washington DC, Miami, London, and eventually Munich. The standard model S is expected to be available in early 2011, with a Signature Edition model coming in late 2011.

So, are you ready for a car that requires no oil changes, no new mufflers or exhaust system repairs, no transmission fluid or timing belts? Best of all, are you ready to buy a vehicle that skips all gas stations? I know I am, even if there are a few disadvantages to electric cars. Check out this Tesla Model S video (I’d recommend you select HQ):

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