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Nissan Turns Over A Green Leaf

Unveiled at the grand opening of the new high-technology plant in Japan, the new Nissan 100% all-electric Leaf is set to be released by 2011. The electric-blue hatchback, with room to comfortably seat five, doesn’t fall far from a similar design of the Nissan Murano.
With a range of 100 miles per charge and the ability to be fully recharged in […]

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100 MPG PHEV? Great IDEA!

Indiana-based company, Bright Automotive, recently made the long trek to Iceland to participate in the largest vehicle symposium and exhibition in the world, EVS-24.
Originally introduced to Washington on April 21, EVS-24 marked the official unveiling of the “Idea”. The Idea, a 100-mpg hybrid-electric vehicle, may quiet possibly revolutionize the entire US automotive industry. EVS-24 provided […]

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Tesla “Model S” Electrifies Your Ride

This past week, Tesla Motor’s CEO Elon Musk introduced the highly anticipated, $56,000 Tesla Model-S all-electric sedan. Leading an evolution that is quickly moving us from traditional gas only vehicles, to current hybrid-electric models, and now toward an potential future of 100% electric cars, Tesla is preparing for the success of their second green car (the first was the $101,000 Roadster). The […]

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