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Oil Supplies - Someone Is Lying

If a senior official from the International Energy Agency (IEA) is telling the truth, we are much closer to running out of oil than previously expected. The anonymous so-called “whistleblower” told the U.K. based Guardian that crude oil shortages have been purposely downplayed in World Energy Outlook reports to avoid triggering a buying panic.
In addition to allegations of […]

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Sai More Like HS 250h Than Prius

Japan Gets Toyota’s Second Hybrid-Only Sedan
Following the unveiling of the vastly popular third-generation Prius, Toyota is releasing a second hybrid-only sedan, the Toyota “Sai”. By most accounts, the Sai is being viewed as a slightly smaller, less expensive version of the Lexus HS 250h. You be the judge. The Sai is pictured to the right and the HS […]

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Who Wants To Pay More At The Pump?

Seems like a simple answer at first…nobody wants to pay more for gas than they have to, right? Given the choice of two similar gas station across the street from one another, most would buy their gas at the one with lower prices, wouldn’t they? I know I would, and as the gap between the […]

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Volvo To Compete With Volt & Prius

Volvo Car Corporation may be up for sale, but that’s not stopping them from attempting to develop one of the most fuel efficient plug-in diesel hybrids on the market. Volvo Cars Chief Executive, Stephen Odell, announced earlier this summer that Volvo engineers are now working in partnership with Swedish power utility Vattenfall and battery manufacturer ETC to have […]

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Advanced Technology “Green” Loans Arrive

Ford, the only Detroit automaker that did not receive emergency loans from Congress this year, was recently approved for $5.9 billion in funds from the Advanced Technology Vehicle Loan Program.
The funds Ford is to receive account for approximately one-fourth of the $25 billion program budget. Three automakers are to receive a total of $ 8 billion in […]

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Subaru Hybrid With Toyota Tech Support

This week, seven years after the first rumors, Subaru has finally confirmed that they will be partnering with Toyota to develop a gas-electric hybrid model, hopefully available as soon as 2011. Ikuo Mori, president of Fuji Heavy Industries, the parent company of Subaru, stated they hope to unveil the new hybrid model along with their […]

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‘11 Fit Hybrid News

The Nikkei business daily (subscription required, and on sale for 9,450 yen for the first 6 months!) reported last week that a 2011 Honda Fit hybrid will be released about 18 months ahead of its originally projected debut. Apparently the result of again rising gas prices and increased demand for fuel efficient and low-emission vehicles, Honda’s Fit hybrid should […]

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Hybrid Car Commercials | 2008 Superbowl

Will one of the $3 million dollar, 30 second Superbowl ads feature a new hybrid car, truck, or SUV this year? Unless it’s the best kept secret or a last minute media buy, the answer is no. In fact, with the dismal state of the auto industry Detroit’s big three have decided to forego buying ads of any type during the […]

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Is TCUH in TOUCH? Certified Hybrids

Toyota now certifies used hybrids
A new program in the U.S. is being rolled out by Toyota. The Japanese auto giant is now certifying used hybrids. Since its debut in 1996, Toyota’s certification program has been quite popular on their used cars because it allows buyers to purchase a pre-owned car, while still getting the benefits of a full warranty, thus reducing […]

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Will Obama Follow Sarkozy’s Green Lead?

Sparks fly at Paris Auto Show
Last month, we posted about how green Paris is this time of year. That is to say that the Paris Auto Show is showing more eco-friendly cars than ever before. One category where auto manufacturers are really competitive: electric cars. Nineteen electric cars were on display in Paris and each […]

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