Hybrid Car Commercials | 2008 Superbowl

Will one of the $3 million dollar, 30 second Superbowl ads feature a new hybrid car, truck, or SUV this year? Unless it’s the best kept secret or a last minute media buy, the answer is no. In fact, with the dismal state of the auto industry Detroit’s big three have decided to forego buying ads of any type during the February 1, 2009 game. That hasn’t happened for 8 years. To make up for it, expect to see several commercials from U.S. manufacturers before and after the Steelers and Cardinals play.

Who can forget the debut of the 2008 GMC Yukon hybrid SUV in last year’s bowl game? The 60 second commercial began with $3 million dollars worth of black and white animation, showing a man pushing a rock to the top of a hill. In the end, the vehicle itself was shown for only 4 seconds. If you were reaching for a chip when that one aired, here it is again.

A bargain at $100,000 per second, GM could have instead grabbed 4 of those 1 second ads we’re hearing so much about this year.

While there won’t be any hybrids in Superbowl commercials this year, a few auto manufacturers are running ads. Toyota will not be promoting their totally redesigned 2010 Prius, but they will reportedly introduce the 2009 Venza crossover. (BTW, I think this would be the perfect audience for Toyota to shock hybrid lovers and soccer Moms alike by announcing plans to bring a hybrid minivan to the U.S.).

Audi will show off it’s A6 sedan with the help of Jason Stathom. Also, look for Hyundai to air a few commercials featuring the North American Car of the Year - the 2009 Genesis. We should also get one in the second half, pitching Hyundai’s program that allows buyers (and those who lease) to return their new Hyundai vehicle if they lose their job with 12 months of signing. Cars.com will have a sixty second spot as well.

There have been some memorable hybrid commercials over the past few years, along with some great music and songs. Here are a few of my favorites while we wait for some new ones.

Kermit in Superbowl XL for the Ford Escape Hybrid:

The 2008 Chevy Malibu Hybrid:

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