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2011-honda-fit-hybrid-coming-soon.jpgThe Nikkei business daily (subscription required, and on sale for 9,450 yen for the first 6 months!) reported last week that a 2011 Honda Fit hybrid will be released about 18 months ahead of its originally projected debut. Apparently the result of again rising gas prices and increased demand for fuel efficient and low-emission vehicles, Honda’s Fit hybrid should be at dealerships in the Fall or Winter of 2010.

Honda Motor Company officials originally denied the Fit would be hybridized back in 2006, saying that the existing models filled all need gaps. Personally, I agreed with their analysis. Now, it seems that a Fit hybrid makes more sense to everyone (well, almost everyone). Fuel efficiency, small size and low emissions are becoming increasingly important to many consumers, especially those in crowded Japan. Even with the poor economic climate, hybrids are selling big oversees. Honda’s Insight hybrid recently became the first hybrid ever to top Japan’s best seller list. Even more impressive has been the demand for the 2010 Toyota Prius, with over 100,000 orders placed already.  

At this time, further details, such as price, mileage and the most likely U.S. release date (availability) are sketchy at best. Online, rumors swirl that the price could be as low as $12,000 to $15,000. The Nikkei didn’t name their source, but mentioned the equivalent of $15,800 (U.S.) as Honda’s target price. Prices around the $18,000 mark seem more reasonable, based on the typical premium buyers pay for hybrid versions of cars.

In terms of what we might expect for fuel economy from a green Fit, an educated guess would be something approaching 50 miles per gallon. The slightly larger Insight is rated around 42 mpg for combined city/hwy driving while the current 2009 non-hybrid Fit gets close to 30 miles on a gallon already. With Toyota already working on a hybrid Yaris, these two eco-friendly sub-compacts will be slugging it out before we know it.

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