Google Proposes 90% Hybrids By 2030

Google to the rescue!

Green Google Earth PlansEarlier this month, PC World reported on Google’s latest project. Surprisingly, it doesn’t involve new applications on the world’s most popular search engine or amazing new tools to make our lives even easier. No, the direction of this project is a little greener. Google wants to save the planet.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced Clean Energy 2030, the company’s $4.4 trillion dollar plan, and said that he believes that with the upcoming election and subsequent new leaders in power, the time is ripe for private citizens and businesses to voice their opinions and solutions. The plan that Schmidt laid out focused on changing the way America uses energy and personal transportation.

Reducing dependence on fossil fuels played a huge part in Google’s plan. The plan calls for larger acceptance of alternative energy sources and a move away from coal and oil.

The second part of Google’s plan revolves around increasing the number of hybrid cars on the road. Today, we Americans use around 21 million barrels of liquid fuel and we do that just about everyday. According to Google’s Knol posting on the plan, seventy percent of that is used to fuel our ever-growing freight and transportation needs. Google’s plan sets a goal to drastically reduce, or even eliminate that kind of usage by 2030 with 90% of all new cars sales being plug-in hybrids and all electric cars. That would mean roughly 22 million hybrids sold that year.

In addition to getting more hybrid and electric cars on the road, the Google plan calls for an increased fuel efficiency in new, standard-fuel vehicles. Right now, the average conventional vehicle gets about 22 miles per gallon. Experts agree that Google’s proposed standard of 45 miles per gallon is within reach. Indeed, Europe has already mandated that be the new standard for conventional fuel European cars by 2012.

While it is exciting to see such a large and visible company take a stand on our environmental future, it remains to be seen if the new leaders of our country will act on this plan. Google is not the first to offer the government advice on how to solve the energy crisis and it will not be the last, either.

In the end, we rely on our representatives to be our voice in Washington, which is why it is so important to be an activist. You have access to your representatives and candidates. Ask them questions, tell them your opinion and feel free to suggest away! Their job is to be our voice, so make sure they are truly speaking for you.

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